About the Fire

The Puerto Rico Sheraton Hotel was opened in 1963, in  1980 was renamed the Name Dupont Plaza Hotel. On December 31rst 1986 workers in a Labor dispute decided to light a Sterno Can to heat food. They threaded of putting the hotel on fire. There intention was to scare people but that was not the Fate. At 3:45 pm the calls where to the Puerto Rico Fire Department that a fire had shattered on the lower floors in Dupont Plaza blocking all access including that 300 in the crowded Casino. People got up to the Penthouse because the stairs and elevators had smoke and there was no way out. There were 150 People lifted up the roof and taken to the beach. The Fire took 5 hours to extinguish.

The Puerto Rico Fire Department was dispatched at around 3:40 PM and 13 firetrucks, 100 firefighters, and 35 ambulances responded in the scene. The Next Day the body’s of 97 people were removed from the Hotel.There were 140 persons injured, It is the most catastrophic hotel fire in Puerto Rican history, and the second in the history of the United States.So many people sued the hotel that they had to close hotel operations.The can that contained the substance that burned was put on the North Ballroom by a stack of unboxed furniture. Ten years later it re-opened as the Marriot Hotel & Stellaris Casino.

sheraton dupont1963


Marriot Hotel & Stellaris Casino2010

2 thoughts on “About the Fire

  1. I am reading the forensics on this fire and would like to know what the three people who were involved in the fire are they still in prison or did they get out ?

    1. Two of them are not in prison anymore but one of them is still completing his sentence. Sorry for taking so long on replying.

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